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Like the first one, the quality's variable, but there's enough good stuff in here to make it a recommended read.

Totem by Tara Samms

Despite the awkward ending, a story which, like the author's previous story in Short Trips, lyrically shows the impact of the Doctor on the innocent bystander.

Scientific Adviser by Ian Atkins

The Doctor consults on a film of the Cyberinvasion. Hamfisted postmodernism poorly written, and what's worse, there's a heart-tugging relationship between the Doctor and an adorable kiddywink.

Missing One: Business As Usual by Gary Russell

Nasty, brutish and short.

Moon Graffiti by Dave Stone

A total gem. The setting's convincing, the story's sad and funny in all the right places and the Wibliwee are entrancing. Even more impressively, the author captures with deadly accuracy the misery of being Peri. We love it.

One Bad Apple by Simon Forward

Some weird phraseology (eyes gaping with anger?) and an unconvincing Fourth Doctor and Leela, but the reworking of the Garden of Eden's an interesting idea.

64 Carlysle Street by Gary Russell

Upstairs Downstairs, Doctor-fied. A reasonably well done but routine alien entity story.

The Eternity Contract by Steve Lyons

Marred by a weak ending and by aliens with more than a passing similarity to DS9's Prophets, but satisfyingly claustrophobic and intriguing all the same.

The Sow in Rut by Robert Perry & Mike Tucker

Scary... pigs? We don't think so.

Special Weapons by Paul Leonard

More Nazis? Sigh. Aren't the Daleks enough to be going on with? If you like that sort of thing, though, it's well done, and the author even manages to make Mel tolerable.

Honest Living by Jason Loborik

An enjoyable Third Doctor/Jo story that squeezes the fourth dimension until it squeaks for mercy. Just don't think about the paradoxes too hard or your brains are liable to dribble out your ears.

Dead Time by Andrew Miller

An interesting idea, but as for everything else, oh dear. To quote from the story itself, "Perhaps some things are best forgotten".

Romans Cutaway by David A McIntee

A very well-observed First Doctor, right down to the fluffed lines, but the "revelation" that Barbara and Ian love each other is hardly going to set the world alight.

Return of the Spiders by Gareth Roberts

We were profoundly bored by the Metebelis 3 spiders in Planet of the Spiders, and this story did nothing to change our minds. Not nearly as funny as it thinks it is.

Hot Ice by Christopher Bulis

A morality tale about greed, garnished with some standard aliens. Competent but unremarkable.

uPVC by Paul Farnsworth

A double glazing salesman in the TARDIS? Superb. A lovely little story that gives us a poignant insight into the Doctor.

Good Companions by Peter Anghelides

Wow. This really is remarkable. We never thought we'd find Tegan interesting, but the author manages this in spades, investing her with a genuine pathos. And the story's wonderfully atmospheric, with a dark anomie that comprehensively captures the less-than-benign side of the Doctor's influence. Bravo.

Missing Two: Message in a Bottle by Robert Perry & Mike Tucker


Femme Fatale by Paul Magrs

A seamless melding of Iris, the Avengers and Valerie Solanis shooting Andy Warhol. Atmospheric, dreamlike, compelling: vintage Magrs.

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